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Colorado College is an institution of interdisciplinary and experiential learning. Nestled along the southern front of the Rockies, our classes run in three and a half week blocks. Students take one course at a time, which allows them to engage in community work and research, study all over the world, and experience our campus’ range of off-campus activities, research facilities, and centers for artistic engagement. Our students are whole-heartedly immersed in each course and are encouraged to be not only curious and fearless learners, but also empathetic and thoughtful creatures.

Hairstreak Butterfly Review, named after the official Colorado state insect, embraces Colorado College’s aspiration to invite innovation and possibility into our understanding of the world. We seek to offer a space for writing that stirs the senses and invokes things wild, sacred, daring, and visionary. We are as excited about feeling out the limits of genre, language, perspective, and narratives as we are about the careful rendering of that which makes humans human and keeps time waxing and waning.

Thank you for joining us.

The Editors

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