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Michael Wasson

SELF–PORTRAIT WITH TORN SHEETS of music: left to smolder the broken bed                 while the body is abandoned to the dream: bed sheets like a curtain                 of smoke: I’m rising like scent woven into the sweat collected &              smeared over my neck: a blue vein throbbing like a life-              rope—a way out of the dark: the […]

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Jessica Lanay 

A Poem About Loneliness This is a poem about loneliness, it is a self-conscious poem, a stomping through space poem, with not an ounce of poetic subtlety. I am not a poet who is good at burlesque, at gradually slipping off veils that billow seductively at some truth revealed, some secret— this is not a […]

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Lisa L. Moore

A CHURCH IN BRONZEVILLE a golden shovel for Gwendolyn Brooks my cupped hands full of honey, and you can’t see it there but it’s not a metaphor, we all came to a point like an artichoke heart, we knew how to pour warm sticky divinity beautifully into our hearts, how we knew is how we […]

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