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Jessy Randall
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Jessy Randall’s previous books include the poetry collections Suicide Hotline Hold MusicInjecting Dreams into Cows, and A Day in Boyland (a finalist for the Colorado Book Award). Her poems, comics, and other things have appeared in Poetry, McSweeney’s, and Best American Experimental Writing. She is the Curator of Special Collections at Colorado College, where she teaches a class in The History and Future of the Book. She lives in Colorado Springs with her family.


Images 1-4
Mrs. Caroline L. Smith (Aunt Carrie). The American Home Book of In-Door Games, Amusements, and Occupations. Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1872.

Images 5-10
George Henry Lepper. From Nebula to Nebula. Pittsburgh: Privately Printed, 1917.

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